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Have you seen this: P.A.Z.A Trading Ltd - Petro-Canada Authorised Distributor - Supplier of Forté Lubricants
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  • Cleans and lubricates the internal engine.
  • Removes black and white sludge and gummed oil from the engine crankcase.
  • Neutralises the acidity of the residual engine oil.
  • Prevents that a part of the additive pack from the new oil is used up too quickly.
  • Cleans cylinder walls, piston rings and piston ring grooves, and prevents oil consumption.
  • Stabilises the compression end pressures and the cylinder charge.
  • Cleans hydraulic tappets and systems for cam timing adjustment.
  • Reduces the internal soiling through the EGR and crankcase ventilation system.
  • Reduces soot load of soot filters in diesel engines.
  • Optimises fuel consumption and engine performance.

Client Say

“After we switched to Petro-Canada Lubricants, we found that engines were running at peak performance. Read testimonial
Richard Armstrong, President, Glen Armstrong Construction

Benefits of Forté

  • Optimal engine power
  • Smoother driving
  • Optimal fuel consumption
  • Maximum reliability
  • Cleaner exhaust gases
Clean Performs Better!

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