Air Intake Cleaner

Air Intake Cleaner
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Forté Air Intake Cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner that dissolves and removes varnish, resin and other lacquer deposits from the air intake of petrol engines and other (dismantled) engine parts.
  • Cleans the internal part of the intake.
  • Cleans throttle valves, throttle bodies and Electronic Throttle Modules (ETMs).
  • Cleans EGR valves and idle air control valves.
  • Cleans the intake manifold pressure sensors and thus restores the load signal.
  • Cleans the crankcase ventilation system.
  • Improves performance and provides better fuel economy.
The application of Forté Air Intake Cleaner has a positive effect on the functioning of both the lambda sensors and the catalyst. Forté Air Intake Cleaner should be applied regularly when servicing engines that are sensitive to throttle, throttle body or ETM contamination, which occurs through the crankcase ventilation system and the EGR system.
Forté Air Intake Cleaner can be used safely for throttle valves provided with a special coating.

Client Say

“After we switched to Petro-Canada Lubricants, we found that engines were running at peak performance. Read testimonial
Richard Armstrong, President, Glen Armstrong Construction

Benefits of Forté

  • Optimal engine power
  • Smoother driving
  • Optimal fuel consumption
  • Maximum reliability
  • Cleaner exhaust gases
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