Petro-Canada Launches Duron™-E UHP 5W-30

Daniel Aristidou - Friday, February 06, 2015

Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc., a Suncor Energy business, has launched its newest product – DURON™-E UHP 5W-30.  It is an ultra-high performance full synthetic low viscosity heavy duty diesel engine oil (HDEO) that can deliver up to 2x* better engine protection and 4%** better fuel economy.

Low viscosity HDEOs can offer significant fuel economy benefits, which can help in reducing overall fuel costs for fleets.  However, it is crucial to ensure that the durability of the engine is not compromised.  Engine protection was at the core of DURON-E UHP 5W-30's product design, and this is demonstrated in the product's ability to deliver exceptional results in the industry's top engine tests.  This level of engine protection performance is further supported by field tests that demonstrate even better protection and oil drains than an SAE 15W-40 HDEO.  

In addition to exceptional engine protection, DURON-E UHP 5W-30 has been proven to deliver up to 4%** better fuel economy as supported by the results of the industry recognized SAE J1321 Type II Fuel Consumption Test.

"Fuel savings can be achieved in a low viscosity engine oil such as a 5W-30; however, we know that reliability and uptime remain critical in keeping fleets moving," says Barnaby Ngai, category portfolio manager, transportation oils, Petro-Canada Lubricants. "The introduction of DURON-E UHP 5W-30 is an example of Petro-Canada Lubricants' dedication to providing fleets with solutions that not only save money, but maximize the uptime and reliability of their operations where no compromise can be made."

DURON-E UHP 5W-30 carries a full suite of approvals from major global OEMs such as MTU, MAN, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, Mack and many others.  It also meets performance requirements of ACEA European Service Categories E6, E7 and E9, as well as the API Service Categories CJ-4/SN.

What's behind the technology of DURON-E UHP 5W-30?
Like many of Petro-Canada Lubricants' advanced products, DURON-E UHP 5W-30 is made up of our 99.9% pure base oils, which helps the product maintain its fresh oil properties longer and plays an important role in preventing oxidative thickening and viscosity breakdown. Ultra pure, consistent quality base oils are key to DURON-E UHP 5W-30's ability to minimize sludge and piston top groove deposits, thereby maintaining "like new" engine conditions. 

DURON-E UHP 5W-30 will be available in Cyprus as of March/April 2015, and is offered alongside a complete family of DURON products trusted on and off the road by fleets in over 80 countries worldwide.